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How did India become a top destination for foreign investments (as of 2015)? - Quora Вклады ВТБ
  1. Mutual Funds
  2. Direct Equity
  3. Bonds and Non-Convertible Debentures (NCDs)
  4. 50k ventures
  5. Government Securities
  6. National Pension Scheme (NPS)
  7. Aavishkaar venture capital
  8. Ajeet khurana
  9. Ankush gera
  10. Arun venkatachalam
  11. Ascent capital
  12. Bilateral trade
  13. Blume ventures
  14. Brand capital
  15. Broadbean capital
  16. Canbank venture
  17. Centrum capital
  18. Chennai angels
  19. Emerald media
  20. Fdi in india: foreign direct investment policy of india | inve…
  21. Harsh mariwala
  22. How did india become a top destination for foreign investments (as of 2022)?
  23. How to take a personal loan with stilt
  24. India-australia economic cooperation and trade agreement (indaus ecta) is signed
  25. India-australia virtual summit
  26. India-oman trade and investment seek further boost
  27. India-south african customs union preferential trade agreement talks revived
  28. India-us trade policy forum outcomes
  29. Indus khaitan
  30. Innoven capital india
  31. Intel capital
  32. Kris gopalakrishnan
  33. Kunal shah
  34. Lead angels network
  35. Lightbox ventures
  36. Manish singhal
  37. Microsoft accelerator
  38. Milestone capital advisors
  39. Need a loan? get one in 3 simple steps
  40. Negotiation plans for full ceca to soon commence
  41. New australian government supports india trade pact
  42. Nexus venture partners
  43. Nidhi saraf
  44. Nirvana venture advisors
  45. Ojas venture partners
  46. Omnivore partners
  47. Padup ventures
  48. Pi ventures
  49. Porinju veliyath
  50. Pranav shandilya
  51. Prime venture partners
  52. Rajasthan venture capital fund
  53. Rajneesh bhandari
  54. Rakesh jhunjhunwala
  55. Ravi gururaj
  56. Roundglass partners
  57. Russian prime minister’s visit to india planned for january postponed due to omicron
  58. Saama capital
  59. Saif partners
  60. Sandeep goenka
  61. Sandeep tandon
  62. Sanjay mehta
  63. Seeders venture capital
  64. Sharad sharma
  65. Sidbi venture capital limited
  66. Sixth sense ventures
  67. Spark capital advisors (india)
  68. Srikant sastri
  69. Startupbootcamp
  70. Steven sule
  71. Strengthening defense partnership between india and the uk
  72. Subinder khurana
  73. Sunil kalra
  74. Three types of fixed deposit accounts
  75. Tlabs
  76. Trifecta capital
  77. True north managers llp
  78. Tushar patel
  79. Tvs capital funds
  80. Unitus ventures
  81. Venture catalysts
  82. Venture highway
  83. Ventureast
  84. Vijay kedia
  85. Vikas taneja
  86. Villgro
  87. Visas for indians
  88. What are the goods benefiting from duty-free market access or lower tariffs under the india-australia interim trade agreement?
  89. What is a non-resident indian (nri)?
  90. Windrose capital
  91. Yournest angel fund
  92. Conclusion

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are large pools of money of investors’ money which is managed by qualified and certified professional fund managers. Mutual Funds currently operate under strict regulations of the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI). Mutual funds are a bit riskier than fixed deposits, but that is why the returns of mutual funds are more than that of fixed deposit accounts.

An NRI needs an NRE, NRO, or FCNR account in India to be able to invest in an Indian mutual fund. These accounts help to facilitate the investment and payout process.

Here are eight mutual fund houses that accept investments from the U.S.:

Mutual funds have two predominant categories and they are taxed differently.

Equity Funds – More than 65% of the fund contains stocks (equity). You will pay 15% tax if you sell the investment within the first year. The investment is tax-free after owning it for more than one year.

Debt Funds – Less than 65% of the fund is invested in stocks (equity). NRI’s pay 30% tax after selling it within 3 years of owning it. You will only pay 20% tax when you sell it after owning it for more than 3 years.

Direct Equity

You can always invest your money into stocks on the National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE) if you feel you have enough knowledge. You will need to be part of the Portfolio Investment Scheme (PINS) of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). This will allow you to trade stocks on the NSE.

You will need the following three things:

  1. An NRE/NRO savings account dedicated only for your PIS purposes.
  2. A dematerialized account that holds shares in an electronic form.
  3. A SEBI trading account with a registered broker.

Bonds and Non-Convertible Debentures (NCDs)

Bonds and NCDs have risk involved, but it can also serve as a good investment option.

There are three main bond categories:

  1. PSU Bonds – Public Sector Undertakings Bonds (PSU) are contracts with a maturity date. You in effect loan money to a company and they promise to repay it with interest on a specific date (called the maturity date). The interest rate on a PSU will be determined by the creditworthiness of the company who issues it. These investments are taxed at 20% if you sell it after owning it for more than 3 years.
  2. Non-Convertible Debentures (NCD) – This debt is secured by the company’s assets. The interest rate will, therefore, be a bit lower as secured debt has less risk involved. But, the interest rate on NCDs will still be very competitive when compared to returns on investments like equities.
  3. Perpetual Bonds – These bonds don’t have a maturity date so there is no date by which it pays out. The issuing company, however, promises to pay the holder a set amount of returns per year. The holders of perpetual bonds trade it on the open market. Market conditions and your willingness to sell will determine if you make a profit with the selling of this investment.

50k ventures

50K Ventures is an investment platform to back technology startups at the idea and early-stage of their lifecycle. Established in 2022, this firm mentors, nurtures, and accelerates seed startups in India.

Some companies invested: PeeSafe,, i-lend, Fabulyst, KhanaGadi, Commut, MyDidi

Government Securities

The government also provides investment opportunities.

Treasury bills or T-bills typically have maturity dates ranging between 3 and 12 months. T-bills are bought at RBI auctions. It does not earn the investor any interest but it’s promised to be redeemed at a discount. This means you will make a specific profit when the T-bill is redeemed.

For longer-term investment strategies, NRI’s can look at the following types of dated government securities:

  • Fixed rate government bonds – The interest rate on this bond is fixed.
  • Floating rate government bonds – The interest rate on this bond will change according to the market-related changes.
  • Capital index bonds (CPI bonds) – These bonds have a coupon payment rate that is adjusted according to the inflation rates of the Indian market.

National Pension Scheme (NPS)

This pension scheme allows Indian citizens to save for retirement. You need to be between the ages of 18 and 60 to become a member of the NPS. There are two accounts each with its own rules and regulations.

Tier 1 Account – All payments and funds in this account are locked until retirement. If you retire before the age of 60 you may take 20% of the investment as cash. You are obliged to invest the rest into an annuity (an investment that pays you a fixed yearly amount). Retiring after 60 will allow you to take 40% as cash and the rest must be invested into an annuity.

Tier 2 Account – Only tier 1 account holders are allowed to open tier 2 accounts. Tier 2 accounts are unrestricted so you can deposit and withdraw money as you wish. You can also decide how the portfolio of your tier 2 account is structured. There are many types of investments that you can choose from to help you to create a diversified investment strategy.

An NPS is not exempt from tax. The capital gains aren’t taxed, but all payouts are taxed according to your tax slab (the tax bracket under which your Indian income is classified).

Aavishkaar venture capital

Mumbai-based Aavishkaar Venture Management Services is an investment firm in India specialising in early-stage and expansion capital. However, this firm has a slightly different ideology when compared to other Investors in India. It doesn’t invest in projects that do not benefit the rural or semi-urban community or are not commercially viable.

Some companies invested: GoBolt, NEPRA Resource Management, Altum Credo, Soulful, Vaatsalya Healthcare.

Get in touch: www.aavishkaar.inEmail:

Ajeet khurana

An active member of Mumbai Angels and also a lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin, Ajeet is known for overcoming financial and operational challenges of running education business networks.

Some companies invested: Rolocule Games, ShepHertz, Avaz, Carveniche Technologies, Maximojo, United Mobile Apps, Karmic Lifesciences, Carve Niche Technologies Pvt. Ltd., PickMe eSolutionsGet in touch: Ajeet Khurana

Ankush gera

Ankush is famous as the founder and CEO of Junglee Games and founder and Chairman of Monsoon. He is adept at strategy, data and finance and is an active angel investor in businesses from a vast sector.

Some companies invested: Airbnb, Junglee Games, Roomify, Cloudability, Back to the Roots, Sphere, 15five, Inc42 and DilMil.Get in touch: Ankush Gera

Arun venkatachalam

Arun Venkatachalam is the head of strategy & business development at Murugappa Group, a business conglomerate which is owned and run by Murugappa family. He is also an angel investor interested in the tech sector.

Some companies invested: Zoom, AdPushup, POSist, Aureus Analytics, Yourbus, Ridgecrest AsiaGet in touch: Arun Venkatachalam

Ascent capital

Ascent Capital is a leading India-focused independent private equity firm specialising in startup, early-stage, and growth investments in small medium enterprises, agribusiness companies. It usually takes a controlling and majority stake or between 25% and 40% shareholding in its portfolio companies.

Get in touch: www.ascentcapital.inEmail:

Bilateral trade

Major Indian exports to the UAE are refined petroleum products, minerals, cereals, sugar, fruits, vegetables, tea, meat, seafood, textiles, engineering, machinery products, and chemicals. Major Indian imports from the UAE are petroleum and petroleum products, precious metals, stones, gems and jewelry, minerals, chemicals, and wood and wood products.

In FY 2022-20, the UAE was India’s second largest goods export market (US$29 billion in exports), after the US. In FY21, China replaced India due to the pandemic disruptions. The UAE has, however, long standing goodwill with India. It is the eighth largest foreign investor in India, accounting for US$11.

Meanwhile, the UAE hosts nearly three million Indian expats who remit home nearly US$3 billion annually. Dubai is the top most visited tourist destination for Indians.

Blume ventures

Blume Ventures back startups through multiple rounds including seed, angel and pre Series A since 2022, leading up to follow-on institutional rounds from larger reputed VCs. Till date, they have funded 100 firms and believe in funding more than 20 companies per year.

Some companies invested: Vokal, GreyOrange, Unacademy, Rizort, MilkbasketGet in touch:

Brand capital

Brand Capital is a private equity and venture capital arm of Bennett Coleman & Co. Limited. It has helped build several iconic brands and create immense enterprise value. It has made investments across sectors such as retail, FMCG, consumer durables, realty, digital and mobile, e-Retail, health and wellness, financial services, consumer services and several more.

Some companies invested: homelane, Qtrove,, PsyInnovations, Delybazar

Get in touch:

Broadbean capital

Broadbean Capital is a leading early-stage seed & pre-series A Investors in India, based out of Mumba since 2022, dedicated to helping entrepreneurs.

Some companies invested: WheelStreet, AHA Taxis

Get in touch: www.broadbean.inEmail:

Canbank venture

Another one on the list of Investors in India is Canbank Venture Capital Fund. This private equity and venture capital arm of Canara Bank Limited specialises in growth and expansion financing in startup, early venture, and later stage companies. It expects a target return of 30% in a period of five to seven years from the companies it invests in.

Some companies invested: Bioneeds, StartupXseed Ventures, ESDS Software

Centrum capital

This capital firm, along with its subsidiaries, provides various financial services in India. Centrum Capital offers investment banking services, including equity and debt initial public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, venture funding, and a lot more.

Some companies invested: The Label Life

Get in touch:

Chennai angels

Another one on the list of Investors in India is Chennai Angels. This VC firm specialising in equity investments in early-stage companies. The firm is not industry specific in general and has made investments in companies across various sectors. Chennai Angels may syndicate with other investor groups if required.

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Some companies invested: GoBumpr, Chai Kings, Survaider, Glassic, Paperflite, SparesHub, Get My Parking

Emerald media

Emerald Media is a pan-Asian platform established by KKR to invest in the fast-growing media and entertainment industries across Asia. The platform primarily focuses on providing growth capital to media, entertainment and digital media companies and will look to acquire control in growing public and private media companies.

Some companies invested: Global Sports Commerce, aCommerce, Amagi Media Labs, Amagi Media Labs

Get in touch: www.emeraldmedia.asiaEmail:

Fdi in india: foreign direct investment policy of india | inve…

(1) FDI in multi brand retail trading, in all products, will be permitted, subject to the following conditions:

(i) Fresh agricultural produce, including fruits, vegetables, flowers, grains, pulses, fresh poultry, fishery and meat products, may be unbranded.

(ii) Minimum amount to be brought in, as FDI, by the foreign investor, would be US $ 100 million.

(iii) At least 50% of total FDI brought in the first tranche of US $ 100 million, shall be invested in ‘back-end infrastructure’ within three years, where ‘back-end infrastructure’ will include capital expenditure on all activities, excluding that on front end units; for instance, back-end infrastructure will include investment made towards processing, manufacturing, distribution, design improvement, quality control, packaging, logistics, storage, ware-house, agriculture market produce infrastructure etc. Expenditure on land cost and rentals, if any, will not be counted for purposes of backend infrastructure. Subsequent investment in backend infrastructure would be made by the MBRT retailer as needed, depending upon its business requirements.

(iv) At least 30% of the value of procurement of manufactured/processed products purchased shall be sourced from Indian micro, small and medium industries, which have a total investment in plant & machinery not exceeding US $ 2.00 million. This valuation refers to the value at the time of installation, without providing for depreciation. The ‘small industry’ status would be reckoned only at the time of first engagement with the retailer, and such industry shall continue to qualify as a ‘small industry’ for this purpose, even if it outgrows the said investment of US $ 2.00 million during the course of its relationship with the said retailer. Sourcing from agricultural co-operatives and farmers co-operatives would also be considered in this category. The procurement requirement would have to be met, in the first instance, as an average of five years’ total value of the manufactured/processed products purchased, beginning 1st April of the year during which the first tranche of FDI is received. Thereafter, it would have to be met on an annual basis.

(v) Self-certification by the company, to ensure compliance of the conditions at serial nos. (ii), (iii) and (iv) above, which could be cross-checked, as and when required. Accordingly, the investors shall maintain accounts, duly certified by statutory auditors.

(vi) Retail sales outlets may be set up only in cities with a population of more than 10 lakh as per 2022 Census or any other cities as per the decision of the respective State Governments, and may also cover an area of 10 kms around the municipal/urban agglomeration limits of such cities; retail locations will be restricted to conforming areas as per the Master/Zonal Plans of the concerned cities and provision will be made for requisite facilities such as transport connectivity and parking.

(vii) Government will have the first right to procurement of agricultural products.

(viii) The above policy is an enabling policy only and the State Governments/Union Territories would be free to take their own decisions in regard to implementation of the policy. Therefore, retail sales outlets may be set up in those States/Union Territories which have agreed, or agree in future, to allow FDI in MBRT under this policy. The list of States/Union Territories which have conveyed their agreement is at

(2) below. Such agreement, in future, to permit establishment of retail outlets under this policy, would be conveyed to the Government of India through the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion and additions would be made to the list at (2) below accordingly. The establishment of the retail sales outlets will be in compliance of applicable State/Union Territory laws/ regulations, such as the Shops and
Establishments Act etc.

(ix) Retail trading, in any form, by means of e-commerce, would not be permissible, for companies with FDI, engaged in the activity of multi-brand retail trading.

(2) List of States/Union Territories as mentioned in Paragraph
1.Andhra Pradesh
5.Himachal Pradesh
6.Jammu & Kashmir
7. Karnataka
10. Rajasthan
11. Uttarakhand
12. Daman & Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli (Union Territories)

Harsh mariwala

The Chairman of Marico Limited is also an angel seed investor. Mr Harish began his career in 1971 with Bombay Oil Industries which was controlled by his family. He is also the founder of Kaya Limited. As of 2022, Mariwala was ranked as the 33rd wealthiest Indian by Forbes.

Some companies invested: Nykaa, LEAP IndiaGet in touch: Harsh Mariwala

How did india become a top destination for foreign investments (as of 2022)?

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India-australia economic cooperation and trade agreement (indaus ecta) is signed

India and Australia signed their Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement on April 2, Saturday – the interim trade agreement before a full trade pact is negotiated. It is expected to be implemented in about four months.

A government estimate has put the boost to bilateral trade in goods and services to be at US$45-50 billion over five years, up from US$27.5 billion in 2021. The ECTA could also generate over one million jobs in India.

Further, starting April 6, the Indian Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal will be leading a business delegation to Australia on a three-day trip to deepen economic ties. Goyal will be visiting Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth.

India’s goods exports to Australia were worth US$6.9 billion and imports about US$15.1 billion in 2021.

India-australia virtual summit

On March 20, 2022, Australian High Commissioner to India Barry O’Farrell told reporters, “We [Australia] are hopeful of signing the Phase one (early harvest) trade deal by end of this month [March].” Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Australian PM Scott Morrison held a virtual summit on March 21, 2022.

At the virtual summit, Morrison unveiled a INR 15 billion (AUS$ 280 million) investment package to boost cooperation across a range of areas that include cleantech and critical minerals (INR 1.83 billion) and the space sector (INR 1.36 billion). This is the largest investment made by the Australian government into its bilateral relationship with India.

India-oman trade and investment seek further boost

On October 9, 2021, India stated that it was looking to sign an FTA with Oman. Bilateral trade between Oman and India stood at US$5.931 billion in FY 2022-20, while bilateral trade in 2020-21 (April 2020 to February 2021) amounted to US$4.63 billion.

There are reportedly over 4,000 India-Oman joint ventures (JVs) in Oman with an estimated investment of over US$7.5 billion. There are close to half a million Indian expats based in Oman, whose total population is around 4.6 million.

Oman has four sea ports facing the Indian Ocean. Its industrial zones at Duqm offer “30 years corporate tax exemption, 0% customs duty, 100% foreign ownership, usufruct agreements, 50 years renewable, no restrictions on repatriation of profits, no income tax, currency exchange freedom, and a stable currency rate,” as per Oman’s Ambassador to India Sheikh Hamad bin Saif Al Rawahi.

Oman’s sea ports are supported by airports and warehousing facilities. The Port of Duqm SEZ has been earmarked for an Indo-Oman JV, Sebacic Oman, which will be an US$1.2 billion acid plant. A ‘Little India’ integrated tourism complex project worth US$748 million has also been agreed to between the two countries, also located in Duqm.

Indian entities are also among the largest foreign investors in the Port of Sohar, with an estimated investment of about US$2 billion. Other India-Oman JVs include the US$969 million Oman India Fertilizer Company (IFFCO, KRIBHCO of India, and Oman Oil Company) at the port city of Sur, which produces urea for Indian farmers. Indian investments at the Port of Salalah are in manufacturing automotive parts, textiles, cables, guar gum, etc.

This article was originally published November 6, 2021. It was last updated May 11, 2022.

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We also maintain offices or have alliance partners assisting foreign investors in Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Italy, Germany, and the United States, in addition to practices in Bangladesh and Russia.

India-south african customs union preferential trade agreement talks revived

In July 2020, India revived talks with the SACU bloc for a preferential trade agreement (PTA). In a virtual meeting between the two sides, India emphasized its close engagement with the Southern African region. In 2022-20, India’s trade with Africa stood at US$66.

India is seeking closer manufacturing and industrial investment ties with Namibia, and its sectors of interest cover agriculture, irrigation, renewables, ICT, pharmaceuticals, and medical supplies. India-Namibia trade in 2022-19 amounted to US$135.92 million with Indian exports worth US$82.

37 million and imports valued at US$53.55 million. Namibia holds rich deposits of uranium, diamonds, copper, phosphates, and other minerals while India’s advantage lies in its capabilities in IT, engineering, pharma, railways, as well as its large SME (small and medium enterprise) sector.

India-South Africa bilateral trade was worth US$10.584 billion in 2022-19. Indian exports to South Africa include auto and auto components, transport equipment, drugs and pharmaceuticals, engineering goods, footwear, dyes and intermediates, chemicals, textiles, rice, gems and jewelry, etc.

India-us trade policy forum outcomes

US Trade Representative Katherine Tai on her two-day visit in November last year asked India for greater agriculture market access while Indian officials brought up the difficulty of securing intellectual property rights in the US – among other issues.

Indus khaitan

Indus was a part of the seed accelerator The Morpheus where he got hands-on experience in starting companies. He has individually invested in a couple of firms in the mobile, e-commerce, healthcare, information technology and SaaS sectors.

Some companies invested:, CirroSecure, Interviewstreet, Sourceeasy, GrexIt, 99tests, Emo2, Practo, Sarga Eco-Fabrics, PhiteslaGet in touch: Indus Khaitan

Innoven capital india

Established in 2008, InnoVen Capital is Asia’s leading venture lending firm. It is a venture capital and private equity firm specialising in venture debt, growth loans, mezzanine debt, acquisition financing, growth capital, buyouts, and capex financing in startup and early-stage companies.

Some companies invested: Disprz, Wicked Ride Adventure Services Private Limited, Licious, Bounce (Metro Bikes), PharmEasy

Intel capital

Intel Capital, Intel’s strategic investment organisation, was set up to manage corporate venture capital, global investment, mergers and acquisitions. It invests in a range of technology startups and companies offering hardware, software, and services targeting enterprise, mobility, consumer Internet, digital media and semiconductor manufacturing.

Some companies invested: Arcadia Data, ICE Tech Science & Technology, Spotinst, Airy:3D, Lumiata

Kris gopalakrishnan

Kris Gopalakrishnan is the Executive Vice Chairman of Infosys, a global consulting and IT services company based in India. He was elected as the President of India’s apex industry chamber, the Confederation of Indian Industry for the year 2022-14.

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Some companies invested: HungerBox, Planys Technologies, Crayon Data Unbxd, Acko General Insurance, Sigtuple, Verloop, FirstCry, GoCoop, Ampere, MagicX, LookUp, BuyHatke, FreshWorldGet in touch: Kris Gopalakrishnan

Kunal shah

The founder of FreeCharge is also an angel investor in India. He started his career as a junior programmer at a business process outsourcing startup. Kunal’s first startup venture was Paisaback that provided cash-back promotions for organised retailers.

Some companies invested: Zepo, Spinny, Bharat Bazaar, Innov8, Pocket Aces, UnacademyGet in touch: Kunal Shah

Lead angels network

The next one on the list of VC firms is Lead Angels Network. It is India’s first angel network focused on IITs. The network provides time and money to startups only in India.

Some companies invested: Shopkirana, AHA Taxis, PlayX, Glassic, PurpleDocs, DriveU

Get in touch: www.leadangels.inEmail:

Lightbox Ventures specialises in early-stage Indian startups in healthcare, consumer technology space and e-commerce. It invests between $3 million and $5 million.

Some companies invested: Flintobox, Droom Technology Private Limited, FAASOS, Melorra, Furlenco

Get in touch: lightbox.vcEmail:

Manish singhal

Manish Singhal was the founding member at LetsVenture, one of the venture capital firms mentioned above. He is a serial entrepreneur and an angel investor. He is also an active mentor on the CIIE Mentor Edge Panel, Startup Village and Venture Labs.

Some companies invested: AdPushup, Freshersworld, Apartment Adda, FlipClass, AdSpark, Frrole, Ecosenseworld, India College Search.Get in touch: Manish Singhal

Microsoft accelerator

Microsoft Accelerator is a global initiative empowering entrepreneurs around the world on their journey to build great companies. It offers startups and entrepreneurs with an accelerator platform that provides consulting services, technology and infrastructure support, and opportunities to connect with investors in India and customers.

Some companies invested: MintM, NMLStream, Parknav, FitWell, Siemplify, Cronofy

Milestone capital advisors

Mumbai-based Milestone Capital is a private equity advisory firm specialising in real estate investment only. The firm seeks to invest through structured debt and equity. It focuses on investing in NCR, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru only.

Some companies invested: HopOn, HomeTriangle, Superdoc, Prokure, SPOYL, Pyck, Medaino, Digichorus Technologies, PeersomeGet in touch:

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Negotiation plans for full ceca to soon commence

A negotiation sub-committee between India and Australia will start work within 75 days to convert this interim trade pact into a full CECA. Chapters in the full trade agreement would touch on government procurement, digital trade, product-specific rules, etc.

Officials quoted by the media have said India could get access to about US$10 billion worth of official procurement by the Australian government out of an annual US$60-65 billion. Negotiations are also soon expected on a chapter on digital trade.

New australian government supports india trade pact

Full fledged negotiations for a CECA will resume in June as per High Commissioner to India, Barry O’Farrell.

Australia’s first ‘non-Anglo Celtic’ Labour Party leader Anthony Albanese took over the Prime Minister’s office from outgoing Scott Morrison on Monday, May 23.

Nexus venture partners

Nexus is surely one of the biggest names in this list of venture capital firms in India. It generally provides investments in sectors such as technology, financial services, healthcare, media, energy, Internet, infrastructure, precious metals and minerals, construction and engineering, agricultural and its machinery and products, and telecommunication services.

Some companies invested: Cricket Health, Goals101, myUpchar, Quizizz, PaySense, Headout.

Nidhi saraf

She has been the first employee of Mumbai Angels and started her journey when the startup ecosystem was fairly new to India. Nidhi worked with leading Angel Networks in the country like Indian Angel Network and Intellecap Impact Investment Network.

Some companies invested: Asiatic Clinic Research, QuifersGet in touch: Nidhi Saraf

Nirvana venture advisors

Nirvana Venture Advisors is a private equity and venture capital firm specialising in startups, early-stage, later stage, and early growth investments. This Mumbai-based firm prefers to be the first institutional investor.

Some companies invested: Fantom Foundation, Unbxd, CartRocket, TranServ, Zopper, UrbanPro, YourNextLeap

Get in touch: www.nirvanaventures.inEmail:

Ojas venture partners

This is yet another one of the venture capital firms specialising in early-stage, seed and scale stage investments. It also considers investment in the pure idea stage or pre-prototype stage. The firm is typically the first institutional investor into the company and seeks to lead the investment round.

Some companies invested: Mobisy Technologies, Lemnisk, Unnati Silks, Tyfone, TELiBrahma, Amagi Media, Arigami

Omnivore partners

Omnivore supports agriculture technology businesses in India that develop solutions to improve farm productivity, support agricultural sustainability, and modernize agribusiness supply chains.

Some companies invested: Stellapps, YCook, Eruvaka Technologies, FR8

Get in touch:


Padup ventures

Padup is a known venture investment firm and incubator for technology-based companies. It helps and assists young and budding companies to drive their business efficiently.

Some companies invested: Indian Angel Network

Get in touch: www.padup.inEmail:

Pi ventures

Another name on the list of venture capital firms specialises in early-stage and startup investments. This Bengaluru-based company has been helping startups since 2022.

Some companies invested: SigTuple, Zenatix, AdPushup, Freshersworld, Apartment Adda

Get in touch: www.piventures.inEmail:

Porinju veliyath

Porinju Veliyath is an Indian investor and fund manager. He is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director, and Portfolio Manager at Equity Intelligence India Pvt. Ltd. He manages his own portfolio and the portfolios of investors in India in his fund management firm.

Some companies invested: BCL Industries Ltd., Sarda Plywood Industries Ltd., Raunaq EPC International Ltd, Ansal Buildwell Ltd., Vista Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Get in touch: Porinju Veliyath

Pranav shandilya

He is a crowdfunding investor and advisor of different types of companies. Pranav is a serial entrepreneur running India’s biggest online marketplace for vaping products called Get My Vape. He is a part of the 500 Startups Family and Project 500 groups.

Some companies invested:, The Healtth FactorryGet in touch: Pranav Shandilya

Prime venture partners

Prime Venture Partners, formerly known as Angel Prime, is one of the venture capital firms specialising in the incubation stage, early-stage, seed, and startup investments in the middle. The firm seeks to hold a board seat in its portfolio companies.

Some companies invested: Ezetap, SmartOwner, Synup, HackerEarth, happay, Vidgyor, Maya, KredX, MoneyTap & NiYO

Get in touch: www.primevp.inEmail:

Rajasthan venture capital fund

RVCF is Rajasthan’s first and biggest venture capital firm. The last investment made by RVCF was in August 2022. Talking about the sectors, RVCF invests in IT, education, retail, health care, agriculture products, and auto components industries.

Some companies invested: Yatra, Wholesalebox. Mosambee, Direct Create, Aujas Network, SoftTech Engineers

Get in touch: www.rvcf.orgEmail:

Rajneesh bhandari

Founder of NeuroEquilibrium Diagnostics and Cosmo Infra Solutions, Rajneesh is an IITian with profound knowledge on global startup ecosystem. Currently, he is the Chairman of RAIN, Rajasthan’s most active angel investors’ group.

Some companies invested: ZineOne, Boundary Capital, Organic Shop, Tootl, Capacita Connect, SRJNAGet in touch: Rajneesh Bhandari

Rakesh jhunjhunwala

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, the Chairman of Aptech Ltd., is one of the better-known equity investors in India. He has been a keen and active participant in Indian capital markets since 1985. Rakesh is known for investing ₹2.1 billion in Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India.

Some companies invested: Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India, Hungama, airpayGet in touch: Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

Ravi gururaj

Ravi co-founded Harvard Business School Alumni Angels and is interested in consumer Internet, enterprise software, social media, cloud computing and SaaS. He invested in about 8 startups in 2022.

Some companies invested: GrexIt, Tookitaki,, Graymatics, PrettySecrets, Gridcentric, Explara, Core Mobile, SyncUsUp, VMLogix, AurusGet in touch: Ravi Gururaj

Roundglass partners

RoundGlass Partners is a principal investment firm focused on investments in the healthcare and wellness startups. It typically invests between $400,000 and $1 million in a startup.

Some companies invested: Gympik, BabyChakra, Doctor Insta, ObiNo, Savonix, Inc., zoojoo.BE

Get in touch: www.round.glassEmail:

Russian prime minister’s visit to india planned for january postponed due to omicron

The Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin was reportedly planning his maiden trip to India in the second week of January, following Putin’s December 6 annual summit. The Russian PM was to lead a delegation of 15 Russian governors, including 11 from the Russian Far-East, to attend the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit (VGGS).

The 10th edition of the VGGS was scheduled to be held during January 10-12, 2022, themed ‘From Atmanirbhar Gujarat to Atmanirbhar Bharat’ (From a Self-Reliant Gujarat to a Self-Reliant India). However the summit was postponed in the wake of the Omicron outbreak. It remains to be seen how the invasion of Ukraine impacts future participation.

Saama capital

Bengaluru-based Saama Capital Management Ltd. is a venture capital firm specialising in seed/startups, early-stage, and growth capital investments. It is the independent successor fund to SVB India Capital Partners

Some companies invested: DailyNinja, MoveInDync, Shubhloans, RAW Pressery, Chai Point, Hotelogix, Fisdom

Get in touch: www.saamacapital.vcEmail:

Saif partners

Hong Kong-based venture capital firm, established in 2001. SAIF has become one of the largest and most active funds in the region. Their primary areas of focus include information technology, Internet, mobile, logistics, mobile, SaaS, healthcare, education, modern agriculture, financial services and manufacturing.

Some companies invested: Fighting Esports Group (FEG), SenseHawk, ShareChat, Chaayos, LifCare

Sandeep goenka

Sandeep Goenka is the co-founder and Jt-CEO of Zebpay, which is a Bitcoin mobile wallet that enables bitcoin transactions using a mobile number. He is also an active member of the Indian Angel Network and successfully co-founded Blynk Systems.

Some companies invested: Fab Bag, Wishberry, Aureus Analytics, POSistGet in touch: Sandeep Goenka

Sandeep tandon

Sandeep Tandon co-founded FreeCharge in 2022. He is active in the Angel Investor community and serves as a mentor to various technology startups. He has invested in about 15 startups in the technology sector.

Some companies invested: Spinny, Unacademy, PocketAces, Bharat Bazaar, Gold VIP, Shadisaga, Remitware, FlyrobeGet in touch: Sandeep Tondon

Sanjay mehta

Sanjay Mehta is co-founder and CEO of MAIA which is a business intelligence firm and is a well-known name in entrepreneur circles. He is an investor member with Mumbai Angels and Venture Nursery. He has independently invested in about 13 firms.

Some companies invested: OYO Rooms, PrettySecrets,, Talview, Unbxd, OrangeScape, Consure Medical, FabAlley, EcoSense Sustainable Solutions, Poncho.inGet in touch: Sanjay Mehta

Seeders venture capital

Kolkata-based Seeders is a venture investment firm specialising in angel investing, incubation, seed, and startup investment. This firm seeks to invest in technology companies in India only.

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Some companies invested: CropIn Technologies, Chaska

Get in touch: www.seeders.inEmail:

Sharad sharma

Sharad is an evangelist for developing technology product businesses in India and leads in efforts to nurture the ecosystem. He actively mentors startups and speaks frequently on industry issues.

Some companies invested: Frrole, Mobilewalla, HashCube, Druva Software, Kwench Library Solution, Vayavya Labs, Unbxd, Consure MedicalGet in touch: Sharad Sharma

Sidbi venture capital limited

SIDBI Venture Capital Limited is the investment arm of Small Industries Development Bank of India specialising direct and fund of funds investments. It invests in all stages with the focus on seed, early-stage and growth stage in micro, small, and medium unlisted companies.

Some companies invested: Mobisy Technologies (Bizom), ZappFresh, Grab, Corporatedge, Pickmeindia

Get in touch:

Sixth sense ventures

This venture capital firm specialises in growth capital investments. It invests in consumer ancillary, non-infrastructure, non-financial service ventures, and digital media sectors. Sixth Sense Ventures is India’s first domestic consumer-centric venture fund.

Some companies invested: SaffronStays, SMAAASH, AVG Logistics, Fullife Healthcare, Ephesus Learning

Get in touch: www.sixth-sense.inEmail:

Spark capital advisors (india)

Spark is not one of the venture capital firms but is an equity research firm. It specialises in complete funding and investment sector and provides services like investment banking, stock broking, asset management, corporate banking, project finance, consulting and auditing. The firm caters to institutional investors in India.

Some companies invested: ilabs, shadowfax, Wildcraft

Get in touch: www.sparkcapital.inEmail:

Srikant sastri

This professional is not only an angel investor but also an advisor for tech-based startups. Srikant Sastri is a Co-founder of Crayon Data Pte Ltd. and also a part of Indian Angels Network. Not only this, but he also leads VivaKi in one of the world’s most important emerging economies.

Some companies invested: ChaskaGet in touch: Srikant Sastri


Startupbootcamp is a global network of industry-focused startup accelerators based in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Miami, New York, Cape Town, Dubai, Istanbul, London, Chengdu, Rome and Mumbai. It also provides investment and mentorship services to startups in their first three months.

Some companies invested: Wisboo, Smart Mimic, Optiyol, Codela, Quick’rCareGet in touch:

Steven sule

Steven Sule is currently a partner at Naste Advisors, a Mumbai-based advisory firm. He has always been very interested in venture/angel investing. His family too family over the years has had significant success in early-stage investments in India

Some companies invested: AdPushup, Kwench Library Solution, POSist, Aureus AnalyticsGet in touch: Steven Sule

Strengthening defense partnership between india and the uk

During Johnson’s official visit to Delhi, the two sides unveiled plans to make easier India’s access to British military hardware and technology.

The UK will set up an India-specific open general export licensing regime to reduce delivery time for defense procurements. India has also appreciated the UK’s decision to join the Indo-Pacific Oceans Initiative.

Subinder khurana

Subinder Khurana is the founder and CEO of Bank Smarts Solutions, which enables banks to plan, manage and analyze cash logistics. He was also managing investments for the first early-stage fund in India, Infinity, which created companies like IndiaBulls, India Games and Avendus.

Mentored Companies: Druva Software, JustMyNeighbour, Authbridge, and Power2SMEGet in touch: Subhinder Khurana

Sunil kalra

Sunil is a member of the Indian Angel Network as an independent angel investor who has made quite significant investments in microfinance and analytics enterprise but has a bias towards internet startups. He invested in more than 12 startups in 2022 alone.

Some companies invested: Monsoon CreditTech, Carmesi, Lucideus, ZipLoan, AdPushup, Druva, Jigsee, Innoveda, Airwoot, HashCube, Sapience, Wishberry, Crayon DataGet in touch: Sunil Kalra

Three types of fixed deposit accounts

There are three main types of fixed deposit accounts that serve as NRI investment options in India:

Non-Resident External Account (NRE) – The money of such an account is kept in rupees. It’s easy to return the money to dollars. Interest rates on these accounts vary depending on the deposit size and/or bank. You can expect interest rates to be around 7% to 9% per year.

Non-Resident Ordinary Account (NRO) – This account type is generally used by NRI’s to control their Indian income. Rent income, dividends from investments, or pension funds can be paid into these accounts. These accounts have a current limit of $1 million that is allowed to be transferred from this account to a U.S. account per year. Take note the interest earned on an NRO fixed deposit is taxed at a rate of 30%.

Foreign Currency Non-Resident (FCNR) – Foreign currencies are stored in these accounts. It helps to avoid the currency fluctuations that take place in financial markets. The currency you deposit into the account will determine the interest rate of it.


The investment arm of Times Internet Ltd, TLabs is an accelerator specialising in seed, startup, early-stage, mid venture, late venture and growth stage funding. It is meant for investing in the internet and mobile technology startups in India.

Some companies invested: HopOn, HomeTriangle, Superdoc, Prokure, SPOYL, Pyck, Medaino, Digichorus Technologies, Peersome

Get in touch: www.tlabs.inEmail:

Trifecta capital

Gurgaon-based Trifecta Capital is a venture debt firm specialising in seed startups and already raised Series A or B rounds of funding. It prefers investing in companies from various sectors except for real estate and infrastructure. Trifecta has additional offices in Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Delhi.

Some companies invested: Bow8,, FabAlley, Cuemath, Furlenco, Cashify, BigBasket, CarDekho

Get in touch: www.trifectacapital.inEmail:

True north managers llp

This LLP company is a private equity firm. True North invests and serves customers in India across different industries. Also known as Indian Value Fund, this firm was founded with a view towards investing in mid-sized, profitable, India-centric businesses.

Some companies invested: Meru, Inlogistics, Magma, FINCARE, Cloudnine, SeedWorks, Infinity

Get in touch:

Tushar patel

The founder and CEO of Shubhloans is also an angel investor himself. Tushar Patel most recently became the COO for Investment Management Division of Goldman Sachs in India. He has immense knowledge and experience in the fields of financial management and investment.

Some companies invested: Several early-stage companiesGet in touch: Tushar Patel

Tvs capital funds

Based in Chennai, TVS Capital Funds is an arm of TV Sundram Iyengar and Sons Limited. This firm is a private equity and venture capital firm. It specialises in early growth to late-stage. The firm prefers to take majority and minority stake in its portfolio companies.

Some companies invested: MedPlus, Nykaa, Prabhat Fresh

Get in touch: www.tvscapital.inEmail:

Unitus ventures

Unitus Ventures is a venture capital arm of Unitus Labs, specialising in early-stage, growth capital seed, and startup investments since 2022. The firm invests in companies which can provide significant benefits to the base of the economic pyramid (BOP) population.

Some companies invested: Cyclops Medtech, BetterPlace Safety Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Intelligent Industrial Internet Systems Private Limited, Utter, DRIVEU, Predible HealthGet in touch:

Venture catalysts

Venture Catalysts is India’s first integrated incubator firm. It is one of the venture capital firms specialising in seed, early-stage, and pre-series A or series A round of investing. It primarily invests between $0.1 million and $0.15 million in target companies.

Some companies invested: startup Chile

Get in touch: www.venturecatalysts.inEmail:

Venture highway

New Delhi-based Venture Highway is an early-stage venture investment firm for companies in the technology sector. It teams up with the next generation of entrepreneurs by providing guidance and capital to companies.

Some companies invested: SigTuple, Meesho, Cars24, Build Supply, DocTalk, ShareChat

Get in touch: www.venturehighway.vcEmail:


With 20 years of experience in funding Indian companies, VenturEast has provided capitals to 100 companies. It seeks to invest in the companies at the intersection of consumer space and technology. VenturEast does not back B2C companies directly but B2B2C companies at one level and businesses which will make money out of providing services to the internet

Some companies invested: Inthree Access, IQLECT, iNurture, Ekincare, Kissht, EdGE Networks.consumers.

Get in touch: www.ventureast.netEmail:

Vijay kedia

Vijay Kedia, the Director of TAC Security, is an Indian investor trader based out of Mumbai. He is involved in the market since he was 19. Kedia and his company – Kedia Securities Pvt. Ltd., are the largest shareholder in several listed companies.

Some companies invested: DheeYantra Research Labs, TAC Security, Everest Industries LTD.Get in touch:

Vikas taneja

Vikas Taneja is a partner and managing director with Boston Consulting Group and a leader in BCG’s technology, media and telecommunications practice. He has independently invested in seven startups.

Some companies invested: Rapportive, PubNub, Disconnect, Founders Co-op, Coderbuddy, 500 Startups, Modria, Mashery, Refinery29, Inside SocialGet in touch: Vikas Taneja


Headquartered in Chennai, Villgro is one of the venture capital firms specialised in incubation, seed, and early-stage social startups. It seeks to incubate enterprises in healthcare, education, agri-business and energy sectors. Villgro has an additional office in Bengaluru.

Some companies invested: KrishiHub, Nayam Innovations, Artoo, Ecozen, OneBreath,

BempuHealth, Adiuvo Diagnostics

Get in touch: www.villgro.orgEmail:

Visas for indians

Indian STEM graduates (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) will be able to access extended post-study work visas and there will be a quota for Indian chefs and yoga instructors.

Further, a plan is reportedly in the works to facilitate working holiday visas (Work and Holiday arrangement) for Indians within two years of the ECTA coming in effect. This arrangement would grant 1000 visas to Indians over the age of 18 and younger than 31 years to stay in Australia for a year.

What are the goods benefiting from duty-free market access or lower tariffs under the india-australia interim trade agreement?

The IndAus ECTA will provide zero-duty access to the bulk of India’s exports to Australia (96 percent), including engineering goods, gems and jewelry, textiles and apparel, and leather etc. After five years, this will be expanded to 100 percent of Indian goods.

Under the ECTA, 85 percent of Australian exports will enjoy zero-duty market access, including coal, LNG, alumina, metallic ores, sheep meat and wool; duties will lowered on Australian wines, cotton, almonds, lentils, and certain fruits – oranges, mandarins, apricots, and strawberries.

What is a non-resident indian (nri)?

A non-resident Indian (NRI) is a citizen of India who has spent less than 183 days of the financial year (or tax year) in India. The tax year stretches from April 1st to March 31st in the succeeding year. This means you had to be outside of India between April 1st of last year until March 31st of this year for more than 182 days. NRI’s are still citizens of India but they don’t pay tax there.

NRI’s often struggle to invest back home in India. We’ll provide you with all the basics of good NRI investment options in India below, but let’s first take a look at why it is important to invest.

Windrose capital

Windrose Capital supports India’s economy through early and mid-stage investments in promising startups. These professionals are active investors in India, thoughtful advisors, and dedicated problem-solvers with a passion for technology and a deep belief in the transformative power

Some companies invested: Cleardekho

Get in touch: www.windrose.capitalEmail:

Yournest angel fund

YourNest Angel Fund specialises in incubation, angel, seed, early, and startup stage investments including angel and pre-series A investments. It invests in Indian companies in the sectors of technology, financial services, consumer staples, energy, industrials, materials, and utilities.

Get in touch: www.yournest.inEmail:


NRI’s have great investment options in India. You may be living in the U.S., but you can still take part in the economy back home. Make sure you utilize the best investment in India for NRI by using a personal loan for a non-U.S. citizen.

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